The increasing interest of laymen and medical practitioners in our correspondence course is evident from the large number of letters of appreciation that we receive from them almost every day. The success of our students, including lay amateurs and qualified allopaths practicing the system in every nook and corner of India and abroad bears ample testimony to the usefulness of our training.

Captain F Taylor of 25 Madras Regiment, wrote to us on 30th July 1940
Your correspondence course provides a comprehensive basis to homestudy of Homoeopathy, Biochemistry and Comparative Medicine but also opens the Mental door to the many informative books on these subjects, because the laymen's language of the Grace Medical Mission lectures make the more technical language of Kent, Boenninghausen, Hahnemann, Nash etc. readily understandable and more easily assimilated.

Mr. J G Fritschie of Switzerland wrote to us on 3-10-1945
"I wish to say that your arrangement of the Ordinary Lecturers including the spicy Extra lectures is simply excellent, wonderful. Such a variety of subject matter in the course of just a few weeks is delightful. I compare the study of these lectures with a journey by plane over most delightful country-side with ever changing scenery, each more interesting and more beautiful than the other". And the number of patients (chiefly women and children) that constantly and more and more seek my help places an enormous responsibility upon me. There can be nothing nicer than to be of help and service to such kind of afflicted and suffering people. With a desire to be better able to do this, I have joined your noble institution and I am being greatly benefited thereby.

I am greatful to the Grace Medical Mission for the oppertunity they give me to study and learn more about Homoeopathy and I wish them much luck and best wishes for the tremendous amount of good that they do.
Mrs. Mina Maya Gray
Atchison, Kansas,
66962 USA
Member No 2473/4

The Grace Medical Mission has rendered great service in the field of Homoeopathy by imparting postal training to the persons who are in need of it. The language used is simple and contents are exhaustive. It covers the basic concepts of the study and motivates for further studies.
With thehelp of your course I tried some remedies to myself and the experiment was most encouraging for further practice.
As a retired teacher I find it most useful for me to serve the society through Homoeopathy.
(Rtd. Head Master)

I congratulate the Grace Medical Mission for bringing out an educative and instructive study which not only help the laymen but also popularize homoeopathy at grass root level. The study material is very informative and covers all aspects of medicine. Going through the study is indeed a rewarding experience.
It will be a boon if Grace Medical Mission introduce further advanced correspondence course on par with regular.
J V S Prasad,
Plot No. 103, Tirumala Nagar,
Meerpet, Moula Ali, Hyderabad 500 040.

I am indebted to you for your excellent material provided on Homoeopathy and also on Comparative Medicine. My heart felt thanks to the Grace Medical Mission for their tremendous and noble service to the humanity.
I wish the Grace Medical Mission success in rendering good services.
Dr. P Surendra Nath MA. M Ed, Ph.D
House No. 3-20-1, Alpha School Road,
Neggipudi, W. Godavari, Member No. 1132/4A

Homoeopathy is a harmless branch of medicine which is capable of curing chronic diseases, I appreciate the activities of the Grace Medical Mission which is genuine, regular and praise worthy. I also passed Examination from this institution, of which I do practice in Homoeopathy at times.
Dr. Pradeep Sud BSc. M.B.B.S MS (ENT)

I infer no better course could be found to make a lay man comprehend the basis of the honourable science of Homoepathy and lead him rightly to learn, read and understand the work of such Masters as Kent, Alien, Nash etc.I infer all allopaths should also study the Mission's course and must get acquainted wth Homoeopathy as the much respected Dr. S.R. Wadia did.
Dr. Shah Poorjee
Cooverjee Surty 4/1 Nowrose Baug Lal Baug,
Bombay Member No. 8505

The systematic, thorough, diligent, elegant and excellent way of preparing and giving the lessons in the most suitable and ideal form is the superb and unique feature of the Grace Medical Mission. I am grateful to the Mission for having enabled me to specialize in Homoeopathy and serve the sick folk who approach me for relieving their sufferings.
Prof. Dr.K.K.Krishnamurthi MSc. Ph.D
Former Dean, Tamil Nadu University 21-c-1, Capt,
Palanisamy Layout R.S.Puram, Coimbatore - 641002
Member No. 9832/4A

What I like in Homoeopathy most is that it is not only less expensive but also without side effects. It does wonders in certain complicated case where other systems falter . .(He then quotes a few cases treated by him with grand success which lack of space does not permit printing.
Dr.Ninderjit Singh, B.Sc. M B B S
Medical Offier. 1/C Mini Primary Health Centre
Rampur Bilton (Hoshiarpur) Member No. 9860/4A

"Your service for the spread of Homoeopathy world wide is laudable. It has helped me in gaining a vast knowledge about Homoeopathy. Your lectures are very simple, understandable and informative".
Jyothic Saraswathy
BAMS 127, 14th goss 8th main, B.T.m layout 2nd stage
Bangalore 560 076 Member No. 121222/4A

I feel fully satisfied and grateful to the above institution for giving a base to my ambition to learn homeopathy which will be of great use to me after my retirement for service of the poor, ailing & the under privileged masses of our country. At the same time it will also help me to educate the learner about the usefulness of homoeopathic medicines.
Wishing you a happy new millennium/new year and hoping for better prospect of your institution and homoeopathic medicines at large.
Dr. Rama Shankar MBBS, DCH, MD(Ped)
Flat No. 10e/72 Delhi Admns Flats New Mahavir Nagar New
Delhi - 110 018 Member No. 11116/4A

Thank you so much. I will continue to practice homeopathy. I gained a lot of knowledge through this course. It was wonderful.
Huma Warsi (Ref.No. 1813/5E)
2032, 41 Street
NW Edmonton

An Illustrious Pupil of the Mission
It may not be known to many that Dr. S.R.Wadia, of Bombay had his early training in Homoeopathy under the Grace Medical Mission. Since his initiation into Homoeopathy, he has held such glowing positions as the First Chairman of the Homoeopathic Registration Tribunal of Bombay and the first president of the Board of Homoeopathic Medicine over there. Later on he was made a Diplomate of he American Board of Homoeotherapeutics. In short, his name is a byword, for Homoeopathy, in Mumbai, and we can justly be proud that the foundation on which Dr. S.R Wadia has built up the magnificent edifice of a very brilliant career was laid by the Grace Medical Mission. We wish that all our students will aspire to become great like him.