Introductory Lecture Part1
By Capt.C. Oommen M.B.B.S. (Late of the I.M.S)
My object, in starting this school, is to expound to you and others who would seek the aid of this school in future ,the comparative merits of Homoeopathic and Biochemic systems of healing over other systems of medicine in several respects.
I had over 15 year experience form 1917 in the various branches of allopathic system. During the whole of that period I had occasions to test the comparative merits of Homoeopathy and Biochemistry over Allopathy, the official system of medicine. Of course, I was confronted in the beginning with difficulties, as I was at the time ever afraid that I might be ridiculed or subjected to considerable amount of criticism from my colleagues, if it were found out that I was practicing Homoeopathy too. I had my rivals in profession and at a certain place where I was having a good deal of practice, I had excited the jealousy of so many Allopathic Doctors that I had to practice Homoeopathy secretly. All the same. I can unhesitatingly tell you that I was enabled to treat thousands of patients under the new system, with most satisfactory results while I was in Government Service.
Now I think that you would like to know how an Allopathic Doctor like myself became converted to the Homoeopathic system of healing while as a final year M.B.B.S. student in the Madras Medical College, I attended the clinical lectures of Col, Elwis in the Medical wards of the Madras General Hospital. I have very often heard him speak of Homoeopathy in a mocking tone. When he considered that any patient requiring no more medicine, demanded it, he used to ask us to give him a Homoeopathic does of medicine that was till then being administered. And in response to our requests to explain what he meant by Homoeopathy and Homoeopathic dose, he used to say that Homoeopathy is not a science but a sham worthless system and the dose offered contained nothing more than a make-believe just to satisfy the patient's whims and fancies. He further added that Homoeopaths gave no medicine at all and that they thrived on the gullibility or the foolish belief of the public in them. We the students, had the greatest confidence in the knowledge and capacity of Col, Elwis our great physician and Professor of Medicine and naturally shared with him the same contempt of Homoeopathy though none of us had any idea as to what Homoeopathy was other than what was just told by the Colonel. I passed out of Medical College in 1917 an after being employed as Asst.Surgeon in Pamban and Palni, I was granted a commission in the I.M.S. in February 1919 my first posting being as Lieutenant and Medical Officer for the Indian War Hospital At Karachi.
It was the time when the great epidemic of influenza was raging in November 1919. There was an abundance of nurses, dressers and nursing orderlies in our Hospital to look after the patients, and auxiliary measures to needs of the patient. And dieting too was satisfactory; but I found a large percentage developing pneumonia and dying inspite of all these precaution including earliest examination and the so-called scientific approach adopted under the supervision of highly qualified Allopathic Doctors.
So, on cases which reported to me at night, I tired these Homeopathic remedies according to the direction given in the two small books which I had then with me. It was astonishing that only a few persons required further hospital treatment.This made me think that this treatment must have a beneficial effect but I could not proceed with this experiment for a long period as the epidemic was soon over and I was afraid of being court-martialled if I were known to be using homoeopathic remedies on sick cases in a Military Hospital. I continued to use them very often since then as a first aid treatment for the simple ailments which my wife and children were suffering from occasionally. The results were no doubt encouraging and it created in me a desire to read further.
In 1924, I was posted as Medical Officer of Virudhunagar Municipality in Ramanad-District. There was an epidemic or Cholera there and more than 80 percent of those attacked were dying. I got here an opportunity to put Homoeopathy to the test. Till I started using homoeo medicines the causalities from epidemic were large. But they became practically nill in my hands when I began to treat them with Homoeopathic pill or tinctures. There were any number of other Doctors, Allopathic and Ayurvedic at Virudhunagar at this time. But I can conscientiously affirm that none of them served the public so well as myself and none of them made so much money too. That my success was no doubt due to Homoeopathic medication was clear to me.
From 1921 I used to get Hay fever off and on , complicated with paroxysms regular asthmatic attack, Which I had inherited from my parents leaving intact all my five brothers. All sorts of Allopathic drugs, mixtures, inhalations and injections even including patent medicine like Ephazone, Mendaco etc were tried on me. My colleagues in Govt. Service including those who were lung specialists and experts in diseases of ear, nose and throat were then consulted and they did everything they could to me . Nothing that was known to be useful in medical science was left off. Electro-therapy and Vaccine-therapy too were tried and failed . Hydro-therapy or Louis Kuhne's System was then studied by me and seeing it effective in many diseases which I treated, I tired it on myself found it useful in my case too to a great extent. But the progress which I noticed at first was not maintained. No sooner I ceased treating myself with kuhne's System than I began to run down rapidly in physical health again, and mentally too, I became much distressed and depressed due to the much more frequent attacks of the debilitating fever, with hot perspiration covering the whole body all-through day and night. The fits of asthma with incessant sneezing changed me from a capable enthusiastic member of the medical profession to a wretched semi-invalid who could not concentrate his attention on anything. There were weeks and months in which I could scarcely dream of a few hours of restful period. Only one who suffered from sever asthmatic fits can realise what my suffering were like. I had to pass through these horrid experience almost every day with anxious helpless friends and , relatives, doctors as well as laymen, standing about my besides while I fought for breath to carry on a life that seemed no longer of any use to me.
When I was reduced to such a state, I became reminded of the good result of my Homoeopathic practice with only a few drugs contained in my small medicine chest, on several cases like cholera, typhoid, Influenza etc; while I was in the imperial and provincial Service with the very little knowledge I had of Homoeopathy. Should I make an attempt to treat myself with Homoeopathy. Should I make an attempt to treat myself with Homoeopathic remedies? was the question I put myself then. This made me to go through more portion of the Homeopathic books I had and thereby gained some more knowledge in the system. After weeks of patient study, Natrum Mur appeared to me the most appropriate remedy for the sixth decimal potency but with no satisfactory results. Having obtained no relief from Natrum Mur which seemed to be perfectly indicated in my case, I lost faith in Homoeopathy and switched on to Ayurvedic system . I placed myself in the hands of Dr. P.S. Warrier of Kottackel in Malabar the greatest Ayurvedic Doctor of that time.
Cholera: An infectious disease of rapid onset and short duration caused by the Comma Bacillus of Koch. Main symptoms are vomiting diarrhoea, muscular pains in different parts of the body etc. The infection spreads through contaminated foods and drinks, the common house fly being the chief carrier.
Influenza: An actue infectious disease characterized by sudden onset of fever, and affections chiefly of the respiratory, digestive and nervous systems.
Asthma: The literal meaning of the word is "panting" which means difficulty of breathing and this symptom is the most important among its symptoms. There are different types of asthma. 'Cardiac asthma' due to heart disease; 'Renal asthma' due to kidney disease etc. When we say only asthma, it means, " Bronchial Asthma" in which type the difficulty of breathing is due to spasm of the muscle fibres of the bronchial tubes. These and other diseases with their treatment will be taught in due course.
Casualties: Accidents causing death or serious injurious
Epidemic: Disease is said to be epidemic, when it affects a large number of people at the same time in a locality.
Colleague: One associated with another in the same profession or employment.
Hay fever: Also known as Autumnal fever or Hay Asthma is a seasonal disorder in which the eye and the nose are hot and often itchy,and discharge a clear mucous secretion, more or less freely . Sneezing is often troublesome and breathing too perhaps to the extent of definite asthmatic attacks. There may be some rise of temperature.
Hydrotherapy or Hydropathy: means employment of water in treating diseases.
The word Homoeopathy literally means similar affection and is derived from two greek words Homois meaning similar or like and pathos meaning affection or suffering. The practice of homoeopathy is based on the fundamental principle of Similia Similibus Curentur or like cures like. These will be described further in due course.

Introductory Lecture part II
By Capt.C. Oommen M.B.B.S. (Late of the I.M.S)
Dr. P.S.Warrier, the greatest exponent of Ayurveda at that time under whoes treatment I submitted myself as a last resort, started treating me with Marichadi oil, then changed to Nagaradi, then to Asanabilwadi and Balaswagandhadi and finally to Kanjuniadi. I felt that the Ayurvedic expert was firing some random shots at my disturbed metabolic state and that his treatment was doing no good to me. I should also observe that I found myself a little relieved when I left all these medicated baths and took a pure unmedicated oil bath instead.
Gradually I began to get worse again, and life became since then a real burden to me as I lost all faith in getting relief from my disease, not to speak of a cure under my system of treatment. So I decided to settle down in my village in despair awaiting peace from death only. But my people in the village (Karipuzha) would not give me any rest. There was an epidemic of typhoid there. Many were at the deaths from this disease in the neighbourhood, and they sought my advice, I told them that I was myself in a hopelessly serious condition, and that they could not expect me to treat them when I was so much debilitated myself and did not know to select a remedy for my own disease. But they had heard a lot of the marvellous cures I effected at Virdhunagar with some specifics and the large practice I was having there. They also wanted me to try those specifics on them. So out of pity for the suffering people and theirsympathisers, I listened to symptoms as stated by the relatives of the patients and issued the small Homoeopathic pills from my medicine chest. There is not the least exaggeration on my part when I say that all my patient survived, whether they were suffering from typhoid, pneumonia, bronchitis, pleurisy or simple fever. All this period I was ailing and was steadily running down in health and could not even sit down and talk. There was no appetite and no ability to move about. I had to lie down in my easy chair all day long with the legs raised up to counteract the weak feeling. At the same time , I had to listen to, patient's relatives and dispense the medicines indicated. All the same, there was joy in feeling that I was doing some useful service to the ailing public though I could not do anything for my own ailment . This was sufficient gratification to me for all the troubles I underwent, and I considered that providence expected me to carry on some such useful work in the world in my extreme debilitated state.
An idea then struck me like divine inspiration, to get down some more authoritative works on Homoeopathy and read them so as to make myself more useful to society till death relieved me of my own troubles. I got some books written by Nash and others, and went on reading them lying in my easy chair, whenever I was free of paroxysms. My patient labour in this direction served me well for I learned from my reading of such books that I was quiet right in my previous selection of Natrum Mur, as the remedy for my complicated disease. It also opened my eyes at the same time at my mistake in the selection of the potency I ought to have used. The greater use of high dilution as remedial agents was brought home to my mind only then. In the course of my further study I read in the book written by Nash, that, Natrum Mur could be taken as an example of a Homoeopathic remedy developing its potency in proportion to its dilution and if a sick person exhibited the symptoms of Natrun Mur as described in Homoeopathic Materia Media, but not cured by Natrum Mur in lower dilution, mistake lay not in the choice of the drug but in the selection of the potency of the drug, and that Natrum Mur in 200th dilution , will generally cure the disease without doubt.
Without losing any more time I got down a dram of Natrum Mur in globules of the 200th potency and one night in December 1932, I took two globules by mouth at bed time. The phial must contain not less than 58 such doses, and it all cost me only Re. 1 including V.P.P charges. In fact I had no faith even then in such a high dilution, but the effect was nothing short of a miracle. Great relief was experienced within a short time and the sleep I had that night was the most profound and restful of all that I ever had for months together. Suffice it to say that one more dose of Natrum Mur in the same potency within another week cured me of all my trouble and in fact even rejuvenated me. This proved to me beyond any shadow of doubt the superior efficacy of the new system over others, and I became anxious to proclaim this gospel truth to the world so that every persons whose life was troubled like myself might be cured through this great and genuine system of healing. Accordingly, in the same year I offered to teach free this system to a few students, and in course of time a medical Mission was formed, the aims and ideas of which are perhaps by this time known to you.
Clinic:The term, a Greek word meaning " Bed" is frequently used by the medical profession together with its derivatives. For instance, a Clinician , is a medical man who concerns himself entirely with the actual treatment of cases of diseases as distinguished from say, a medical officer of health or a bacteriologist . Again clinique is the name of a lecture delivered at the beside, or the place where such instruction or treatment is carried on.
Bronchitis: Inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the bronchial tubes. It may be acute or chronic and is usually caused by extension of infection from the nose of throat. In acute cases there is always more or less fever, the temperature rarely exceeding 101o with chill, cough, difficult breathing, expectoration (coughing out much mucus), pain in chest etc. The condition subsides with in 5 to 7 days. Chronic bronchitis is common in the old and very often succeed bronchitis.
Pneumonia: Inflammation of one or more lobes of the lungs caused by a germ the'pnemococcus'. There is high fever, difficult breathing, cough with bloody sputum, pain in chest. Duration about 9 days.
Pleurisy: Inflammation of the Pleura. (the membrane covering the lungs). Fever, pain in chest of stitching nature, dry cough etc., characterise it.
Typhoid: An acute infectious fever caused by a germ " the typhoid bacilli" which is conveyed to the healthy person through food and drink. Duration about 28 days.
Details regarding this and other diseases with their treatment will be taught as you proceed with your study.