The Grace Medical Mission alias the World Mission of Homoeopaths is a Social Service Institution founded by Captain C Oommen, M.B.B.S, in December 1933. It consists of a body of missionaries, male and female and has its main objects, the steady and rapid progress of Homoeopathy, the true healing art, easy accessibility of Medical relief to the very poor and helpless through the same medium and educational uplift of the masses with special reference to the knowledge of preventable diseases and hygienic living.
Our Course will help one to treat oneself and others and thus save many a doctor's bills besides being able to do real humanitarian and social services.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, M.D.
The Great Allopathic Doctor who founded Homoeopathy
Study of Homoeopathy
Homoeopathic and Biochemic Systems of Medicine are easy to learn and though scientific, do not require such a long course of instruction as for Allopathic or Ayurvedic systems. They are least expensive and harmless and hence suited to the poor economic condition and non-violent genius of India. A knowledge of Homoeopathy helps one in practising first aid and in preventing minor ailments from developing into serious diseases. A working knowledge of Homoeopathy and Biochemistry can be easily acquired through correspondence course by those possessing average intelligence. The system is eminently suited for domestic practice to avoid heavy doctor's bills. The system is eminently suited for domestic practice to ward off heavy doctor's bills.
The GRACE MEDICAL MISSION is the pioneer institution in India having been started as early as 1933.
The COURSE IS PREPARED by a Board of Education headed by Capt. C. Oommen, M.B.B.S & Dr. M.O.Alexander M.H.M.S., D.F.Hom (London) having teaching experience of several years to their credit.
The Course comprises 223 lectures dealing with subjects of vast practical importance. The lectures form the "CREAM OF THE DIGEST" of the best works on the various subjects.

Captain C Oommen, M.B.B.S
(Late of the I.M.S) Founder of the Grace Medical Mission

The Grace Medical Mission was founded by Captain C Oommen, M.B.B.S, who had long experience in five Medical systems; Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Homoeopathic, Biochemic and Naturopathic. He had opportunities to work as a Venereal Specialist in Civil and Military Departments, as an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Surgery and as lecturer in mental diseases in the Madras Medical College at various periods. He was nominated in 1943 as a member of the Travancore Medical Committee to represent Homoeopathy.
Dr. M.O.Alexander has the unique distinction of being the First Homoeopathic Medical Officer in the Kerala Government Medical Service, and the first Doctor from South India to obtain the diploma D.F.Hom, (Lond) from the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital in U.K under the renowned celebrities Drs. Templeton, Sir John Weir, Marjorie Blackie and others. He retired from Government Service in July 1971 as the Chief Medical Officer of the Govt. Homoeopathic Hospital, Trivandrum and joined the Grace Medical Mission as its Honorary Medical Expert. No Better Person can be found to lead our students to the goal-"the attainment of sound knowledge in homoeopathic medicine".
Dr. M.O.Alexander
M.H.M.S., D.F.Hom.(Lond.)

Co-founder of the Grace Medical Mission
Dr. (Mrs). Accamma Alexander
B.Sc., D.H.M.S

Medical Expert

The course can be begun at any time of the year. It takes from one to two years or over to complete this course but one of brilliant brain completes it within six months too. Businessmen, Hospital Nurses, Health Visitors, Veterinary Doctors, Sanitary Inspectors, Compounders and Priests will do well to follow this postal tuition and they are better fitted than many others to be benefitted by this kind of coaching and to alleviate the suffering of humanity by giving timely advice. Qualified Allopaths will be immensely benefited by this course and their medical practice is certain to increase very much thereby.
The Grace Medical Mission
G-246, Panampilly Nagar,
Cochin, Kerala, India - 682 036
Mobile : 09446221196

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